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Capri drift project

I've owned this Capri for almost ten years, and in that time ranged from being a 30k a year dailym and more recently a ground up rebuild into a competition drift car!. The Capri is soon to be on the receiving end of a Scandinavian style twin turbo 2.9 V6 with 400+bhp being the goal.

For more on my Capri check out Classic Ford magazine's 'Staff Cars' section where there are regular in depth features of the progress.

Sierra Sapphire

My Sierra Sapphire Cosworth is a car I had promised myself since I was a kid, and now that I have it I'm keep a hold of it! Every month this car is featured in Fast Ford magazine's 'Fast Fleet'. Roadtrips, trackdays, upgrades, mishaps and lots more!

The continuing quest for more power and better handling is seemingly never ending with this one!

Alfa Romeo
155 Q4

I've always loved the Alfa 155, and my love of them has gone to new levels recently. After owning a 2.0 and pair of V6 models I've recently bought a 'Cloverleaf 4'. A LHD Swiss import which runs full Lancia Delta 2.0 Turbo engine and 4x4 running gear.

One of only nine in the UK, and in this country quite an unknown gem even to most clued up petrolheads!

Chrysler Horizon

This is for sure the oddest of my fleet, one of only three Chrysler Horizons left in the UK! It started as an unashamed nostagic trip back to experiencing my Dad's first car, but soon spriraled into quite a project! Now slammed on banded Fiat 131 Mirafiori steels and recently fresh from the paintshop, this little beauty has even gone on to win awards at the Retro Rides Gathering!

As featured in Retro Cars magazine's staff cars pages.

Volvo 850

My current workhorse is this Volvo 850 TDi. From day one it has been magazine project car, and had it's quite dramatic transformation into a cross between an early 90s BTCC racer and stanced stealthy camera car documented in 'Retro Cars' Magazine.

A split charging system for my equipment inbetween jobs, and diesel fuel economy keeps things practical too!

BMW 328i

Since I sold my competion drift Sierra I've kept my hand in with a rough and ready BMW. It might not be pretty on the outside, but it's got all the key aspects of a good solid drifter that can be driven to and from track days. It even made itself useful on a recent Nurburgring trip as a back up when the Cosworth threw a tantrum the night before setting off!

Escort Mk3

This is the second car I've ever owned, and by far the longest project! Originally bought back in 2000 as an import from Amsterdam with an 1100cc rattler. It spent a year on the road with a 1.6 upgrade, then spiralled into an eternal project soon after!

It's currently being transformed with a completely unique powerplant and custom split rim combination for next year's show season.